Visit to Monet’s House and Gardens

Monet's Water GardenWe came to Giverny on a beautiful Spring morning and left our car in a parking place close to the painter’s house. The village was small and you could easily guess where every tourist was going. The weather was beautiful, just perfect to take a trip into Claude Monet ’s beautiful gardens.

Things to Know about Monet’s house in Giverny

Monet noticed this village((located at 70km from Paris)   from the train, in one of his journeys and decided to move here with his family. He bought a house plus the terrain surrounding it and so started his addiction for gardens. The painter hired 7 full time gardeners and turned the place into a masterpiece of colors, plants and water. Monet lived here for 43 years,(half of his lifetime) and became obsessed with his gardens, on which he spent all his money .

Following Monet’s steps into his house and gardens

On our way to Monet's house

On our way to Monet’s house

The House and gardens are open to the public from April till November and the entrance fee is around 10 € per adult. We started our visit there with a walk through the gardens and later went into the house.
Everywhere you could almost see the artist relaxing on some bench, smoking from his pipe and watching over these gardens, like he did in the past.

Clos Normand

The first garden- Clos Normand, is situated in front of the house , is built like a mix of French , English and Italian gardens. Here you can see, separated by alleys and green iron arches, plants like: tulips, roses, forget- me –not flowers, pansies, snowdrop flowers . Also here you can find a multitude of trees: Cherry trees, Apple trees , Maple trees of Japan, Chestnut trees. From place to place the visitors can rest on benches and admire the view .

Monet's Garden-Clos Normand in France

Monet’s Garden-Clos Normand in France

Monet's Garden in Normandy,France

Monet’s Garden in Normandy,France

Monet's Garden in the Spring

Monet’s Garden in the Spring

After this bath of smells and colors we went on to see the second part.

The water garden

This little green island is capable of making you forget all and collapse into a time when Monet spent almost all day here, taking walks in his small boat and painting the exotic water lilies or the Japanese footbridge. This part of the gardens appeared in most of Monet’s works and he found inspiration in it for more than 20 years . Here were brought plants from all over the world, especially from Japan: Cherry trees and Apple trees of Japan, bamboo, poplars, weeping willows, tulips, irises, Water Lilies. You could easily understand why Monet liked spending so much time here.

Monet's beautiful Water Garden

Monet’s beautiful Water Garden

Bamboo in Monet's Water Garden

Bamboo in Monet’s Water Garden

Monet's Japanese footbridge

Monet’s Japanese footbridge

France,Monet's Water Garden

France,Monet’s Water Garden

Exotic plants in  Monet's Water Garden

Exotic plants in Monet’s Water Garden

A walk in Monet's Water Garden

A walk in Monet’s Water Garden

After the tour of the water garden we returned in the first garden, from where we could see the house.

The House – a mix among tender pink and strong green

The house where the painter lived for almost 43 years is painted in light pink, with green windows, doors and stairs and covered with climbing plants. As you can see from the pictures the house is very long- (about 40 meter long), but not so tall. Photos inside the house were forbidden .The rooms were simple, relaxing and not at all luxurious: a huge yellow dining room(for a big family of ten), a blue sitting room, Claude Monet’s bedroom, Alice’s bedroom and the children’s rooms. All the colors used for this house were chosen by Monet , of course.

Monet's House-attraction in Normandy,France

Monet’s House-attraction in Normandy,France

Monet's house through the tulips

Monet’s house through the tulips

We took one last glimpse at this green paradise and left, with the promise to come back and see the summer face of Monet’s house and gardens.

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