Unesco World Heritage Sites in France

Mont Blanc-France

For those in search of beautiful places in France we suggest Unesco’s World Heritage Sites list. Did you know that France is home to 38 Unesco World Heritage sites? And that’s not all, because other 34 sites will follow.



Among the most known sites of Unesco’s list are  :  Mont Saint Michel and its Bay, the Palace and Park of Versailles, the Banks of the Seine from Paris, Loire Valley and its castles, the outstanding landscape from Pyrénées – Mont Perdu, Canal du Midi and the Historic Old Town center of Lyon and Bordeaux. Some of them we’ve visited, some are on our “to see list”.

Tips for an unforgettable vacation
Before organizing a trip to France look at this list and see if there are any Unesco sites close to the area you want to visit. Following the list you will find the most  special places and customs of outstanding value to the humanity.

For the entire list and map please visit:


Mont Saint Michel castle in France

Mont Saint Michel castle in France

Unesco World Heritage-Canal du Midi

Canal du Midi-Toulouse

Loire Valley-Chaumont sur Loire domain

Loire Valley-Chaumont sur Loire domain

Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace

Other things in France that might interest you:

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