Top 10 reasons to visit France


Making a list of France’s most beautiful 10 places is very hard, because the competition is fierce. However after many struggles these are the 10 finalists.I hope you don’t disagree.


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Road trip to the Loire Valley-part 4

AmboiseDay 4 on the Loire Valley was mostly connected with the personality of Leonardo da Vinci. Our day began with Clos Luce-Leonardo’s “castle”, continued with Amboise Castle and because there was still some time left we ended gloriously with Cheverny Castle.

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Road trip to the Loire Valley-second part

IndreOur second day on the Loire Valley started with a great weather and that what just what we needed because our plans for the day included :  Chateau Azay le Rideau, Chateau d’ Usse, Chateau de Villandry .The afternoon was reserved for a visit to the city Tours. The first thing on the list was Azay le Rideau a graceful castle built around the year 1515.

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Road-trip to the Loire Valley-first part

Loire ValleyWhen someone asks me to think about the best place I’ve visited, i think immediately about the Loire Valley in France.
If you are obsessed with castles (like I am) and you like fresh air and nature (like i do), then this is the right place for a vacation.
The Loire Valley is represented by a multitude of castles, gardens, historical towns, troglodyte villages and vineyards, all situated along the Loire River, in France.

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Top 10 castles on the Loire Valley in France


Top_10Castles_on_the_Loire_Valley_Chenonceau_view_from_the_gardensGoing to the The Loire Valley was one of the most beautiful experiences for me and  a chance to see some of the most  stunning  castles in the world.In my article Road trip to the Loire Valley, I’ll tell you all about the beautiful things I’ve seen there, but until then, here is my Top 10 with the best castles there:

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