Road trip to the Loire Valley- third part

ChenonceauPlanning your next vacation ?!  Well here is an idea for a perfect day on the Loire Valley in France. If someone had just one day to visit the Loire Valley, these should be the things to see: Chenonceau Castle, Chaumont Castle , Blois-city& castle and Chambord castle . Even though at the end of the day you will be tired, it’s all worth it. The next images speak for themselves.

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A traveller’s guide through Blois

BloisBlois is situated in the center of France, between Orleans and Tours, at about 180 km from Paris. The small city of Blois is famous for its castle, but also for its charm and coquet aspect. I remember being a bit skeptic to the beauty of this place (simply because, the name Blois does not say much), but just a short visit there can make anyone understand why this area was preferred by so many French kings.

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Top 10 castles on the Loire Valley in France


Top_10Castles_on_the_Loire_Valley_Chenonceau_view_from_the_gardensGoing to the The Loire Valley was one of the most beautiful experiences for me and  a chance to see some of the most  stunning  castles in the world.In my article Road trip to the Loire Valley, I’ll tell you all about the beautiful things I’ve seen there, but until then, here is my Top 10 with the best castles there:

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